Lucka 6

Dec 6, 2020

The word Advent, means arrival - Håkan is sitting and waiting for someone to come, right?
Open door 6, you will see 😊

We all know how it feels to wait for someone who is always late to yes type everything 😊
It just has to .. Yes what is it you just have to? What is always more important than doing what is decided?
You all know that there is a lot of time! That time is not decisive for the result, but simply in what order you choose to do things, which determines how much and what you get to do 😉
What you may not have known was that: for Håkan, it is super important that his friends in the moment before, prioritize right in material handling otherwise
If there is a stop in the flow and the work must be stopped.
So tomorrow when you go to work, think before, what happens in the next step and what can you do to give your work buddy a big smile like Håkans 😉

Spread smiles today & happy second advent,

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