Acquisition of Gogmans

Mar 1, 2022

Skrotfrag buys Gogmans Demontering AB in Katrineholm.

Skrotfrag acquires all shares in Gogmans Demontering AB in Katrineholm. The purchase is part of Skrotfrag's strategy to grow and at the same time get closer to our customers. - This will be a good place to develop our business, says Mathias Pettersson, branch manager at Skrotfrag.

The acquisition means that Gogmans is now incorporated into Skrotfrag's operations.

- In addition to a number of containers and customers, we also take over parts of Gogman's staff. We hope that current customers will continue to deliver to us and that new flows will be added, says Mathias Pettersson.

Skrotfrag was founded in 1972 by Lars Johansson, who started by traveling around with a mobile press and pushing cars and then expanded when Lars bought his own facilities for receiving scrap metal in various places around Sweden. Today, the 50th anniversary of Skrotfrag is one of the largest companies in the recycling of scrap and metal in Sweden, with over 100 employees at 24 different facilities and with a turnover of just over SEK 1 billion.

- Since we ourselves keep the entire chain in recycling, and ensure that all raw materials are sent to steel mills and energy recovery facilities, we can prevent pollution of soil, water and air through follow-up and measures that we ourselves have control over, says Mathias Pettersson.

For more information: Jonas Lindh, Regional Manager East Scrap Frag. Tel: 070-348 35 16. E-mail: jonas.lindh@skrotfrag.se

Skrotfrag is a group with 24 facilities in southern and central Sweden that receives, pre-processes, fragments and recycles scrap. Environmental thinking is an important part of our business and we strive for the least possible environmental impact through the most possible recycling. When Skrotfrag was founded in 1972, the business was mainly focused on car scrapping, but today the focus has broadened. Nowadays, we accept electronics, white goods, scrap iron, vehicles and combustible waste in containers and trailers.