Skrotfrag – Sollentuna

Sollentuna Bildemontering tar emot, demonterar och slutskrotar alla slags fordon upp till 3 500 kg (personbilar, skåpbilar, lätta lastbilar, husvagnar, bilsläp, EU-mopeder, motorcyklar, fyrhjulingar och snöskotrar). Vi har försäljning av begagnade reservdelar från självplockningsgård.



Sollentuna Bildemontering
Kronåsvägen 6B
191 46 Sollentuna

Contact information

Telefon: 08 594 772 90


Opening hours

Mon - Wed: 07.00 - 16.00
Tor: 07.00 - 17.00
Fri: 07.00 - 15.00


Scrap the car at Skrotfrag for a good replacement

We keep our promises and our compensation is among the best in the industry. To make it as easy as possible for you to scrap your car, we have gathered below the information you need to be able to leave your car for scrap in a correct and environmentally correct way.

Do you want us to pick up your scrap car? - No problem, just follow the link below.

Your compensation

Up to 3.5SEK 00

Applies to complete car with original catalytic converter.

Your compensation

Up to SEK 2,000

Applies to car without catalytic converter.


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The following actions are required when scrapping a car

If the owner leaves the car for scrapping himself

Latest registration certificate.

Valid ID.

You need the latest registration certificate from the Swedish Transport Agency (part 2) and your ID, we will fix the rest. Do you want to check if you have the latest registration certificate click here. If you do not have a registration certificate, you can order a new one by click here.

If the car is left for scrapping by a representative

The latest registration certificate signed by the owner is required.

Valid identification for the agent, identification or copy / photo of the owner's identification.

3. Power of attorney filled in and signed by the owner.

Do you want us to pick up your scrap car?

If you want, we can arrange for the car to be salvaged to our facility.

Fill in your information below and we will contact you with information about compensation and time for collection.

For pick-up of an incomplete car, there may be a fee, call for information.

In order for full compensation to be paid, the car must be complete and have an original catalytic converter.

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