Scrap iron

Iron is found in many products that we use daily, such as cars and household products. Therefore, iron is one of our most important metals and should be recycled in order to become new useful products. Sell your scrap to us at Skrotfrag and get paid while you do a good deed for the environment.

Leave your scrap iron with us

We buy and recycle scrap iron from both private individuals and companies. Feel free to contact your nearest facility to sell your scrap iron.


Skrotfrag is a member of Svenska Järn and according to the industry association's decision, we will stop handling cash from 1 January 2013. Checks are also covered, as they are equated with cash. As a supplier to us, you have the opportunity to get paid in the following ways:

Payment by bank transfer (applies to companies)

Deposit takes place via bank account or swish (private person)

You can become an "invoice customer" (applies to companies)


We provide a guarantee that the iron recycling is carried out in accordance with current environmental legislation.

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