Scrap fragments expand!

Feb 11, 2022

Skrotfrag acquires Molin's waste management and recycling operations in Kalmar

Skrotfrag acquires Molin's recycling operations in Kalmar. The acquisition is part of Skrotfrag's strategy to grow and at the same time broaden its offering to the market. - Through the purchase, we can offer our customers to also take care of other waste in addition to scrap metal. This makes us a more complete service partner in recycling with the least possible environmental impact, says Jonas Lindh, regional manager at Skrotfrag.

The acquisition means that Molin's handling of waste in containers and on flatbeds is now incorporated into Skrotfrag's operations.

- In addition to a number of containers and customer contacts, we also take over parts of Molin's professional and esteemed staff in logistics and planning. This makes us believe and hope that the majority of Molin's existing customers in recycling view the business positively and choose to continue their collaboration with us, says Jonas Lindh.

Molin's owner, Marcus Molin, is satisfied with the deal, which means that the company is now refining its operations in transport and flushing services. At the same time, the companies continue their cooperation in transport just as before.

- We are a well-established local player with the ambition to continue to grow in our two main business areas. We do this by being a good and reliable service provider with good staff and a high level of service. Always putting customers first has been our recipe for success since the 1950s, says Marcus Molin.

Scrap fragments were founded in 1972 as a car scrap by Lars Johansson who traveled around with a mobile press and pressed scrap cars and then expanded with his own facilities for receiving and fragmenting scrap metal in various places around western Sweden. Today, the 50th anniversary of Skrotfrag is one of the largest companies in the recycling of scrap and metal in Sweden, with over 100 employees at 23 different facilities and with a turnover approaching SEK 1 billion.

- Since we ourselves keep the entire chain in recycling, and ensure that all raw materials are sent to steel mills and energy recovery facilities, we can prevent pollution of soil, water and air through follow-up and measures that we ourselves have control over, says Jonas Lindh.

For more information:

Jonas Lindh, Regional Manager East Scrap Frag. Tel: 070-348 35 16. E-mail: jonas.lindh@skrotfrag.se

Marcus Molin, owner Molins. Tel: 0702-49 35 35. E-mail: marcus@molinkalmar.se