When scrapping white goods, extra safety measures must be taken as they may contain hazardous waste in the form of PCBs. Therefore, a special permit is required from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to be allowed to carry out fragmentation of white goods. We at Skrotfrag have a permit to do this and always strive to keep a minimal environmental impact. In addition, we reach maximum recycling of the residual products in the fragmentation process.

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Before the white goods can be chewed in the fragmentation plant, they must be dismantled. In Oskarshamn and Agnesberg, we carry out this process in order to then be able to recycle steel, aluminum and copper in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Please note that we only accept white goods such as dishwasher and stove. You are welcome to contact us to submit your white goods.


Skrotfrag is a member of Svenska Järn and according to the industry association's decision, we will stop handling cash from 1 January 2013. Checks are also covered, as they are equated with cash. As a supplier to us, you have the opportunity to get paid in the following ways:

Payment by bank transfer (applies to companies)

Deposit on card via card terminal (private person or small company)

You can become an "invoice customer" (applies to companies)


We guarantee that white goods recycling is in accordance with current environmental legislation. Everything that has been drained or dismantled during environmental remediation is reused or destroyed in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's rules and instructions.

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