The sustainability areas also contribute to the Group working on parts of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG), which is part of Agenda 2030.

Circular material flows

The idea of a circular material flow (or recycling of material) arose in connection with Skrotfrag AB being founded in 1972. The company started by collecting scrapped cars and pressing them to be able to send to a fragmentation plant where the iron in the cars became new raw material. 45 years later, the view in society has changed and Skrotfrag AB is at the forefront of recycling iron (ferrous) and other metals (non ferrous) into renewable raw materials that are sent to various recipients such as smelters in Europe and Asia.

The material (scrap and vehicles) that comes to one of Skrotfrag AB's 23 branches in southern and central Sweden is collected from municipalities, companies and private individuals. The material is sorted, possibly cut into smaller pieces and if it is a vehicle, they are decontaminated before everything is sent on to one of Skrotfrag's two production facilities.

Read more about the global goals in the following paragraphs about how Skrotfrag AB is a partner in various sub-goals:

Skrotfrag AB has worked a lot with the incentives described in goal 16:

16.5 – Significantly reduce all forms of corruption and bribery.
16.7 – Ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels.

Social responsibility

Skrotfrag is currently located in 23 locations. It is important to have a relationship with the local communities in which the company is active, it can include a community involvement to contribute to community development. The various branches mainly sponsor various local associations and charities. It is also important to bring in new labor and to retain the employees we have. 

Human Rights

Scrap fragments support and respect the UN Declaration of Human Rights and ensure that we do not knowingly contribute to human rights violations. Scrap fragments also comply with the ILO's core conventions for human rights in working life. Scrap fragments do not accept any form of slave labor, forced labor or illegal labor in the production of goods or services.

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