Sustainable thinking since 1972

Scrap fragments were founded by Lars Johansson in 1972. Lars started by establishing car scrap yards in the Gothenburg region, as well as driving around and pressing scrap cars. From there, he developed the company by building a facility for fragmentation in Agnesberg, outside Gothenburg. Today, the company is run by Lars' sons, Emil and Paul, who develop the company with long-term and sustainable goals.

Paul and his brother Emil have grown up with the company and have worked in different roles in the company since a young age. The Skrotfrag group is today one of the largest companies in the recycling of scrap and metal in Sweden, with over 100 employees at 24 branches and with a turnover of > SEK 1 billion.

our values


At Skrotfrag, we work efficiently and sustainably and have a long and solid experience and knowledge in the industry. We develop what is needed for our employees to feel good and perform with balance. In addition, we take responsibility for our business following the regulations that exist and keeping a balanced economy, so that both customers and employees feel safe in that we conduct a sustainable and credible business. At Skrotfrag, it should simply be easy to do the right thing and we should do each other good.

environment and iso

The quality work

Our common resources are under pressure from an ever-increasing and more affluent world population. A transition to a circular economy is required to save resources and reduce climate change for future generations. In a circular economy, as much as possible is reused and recycled - over and over again. As metals are particularly well suited for this, scrap fragments are an obvious and permanent part of the circular economy.

The scrap fragments group strives to be an environmentally friendly company in the recycling industry. We have developed an environmental policy that guides us in both our daily and strategic work. Based on this, we drive the environmental improvement work forward and constantly take new exciting steps. To follow up and further intensify this work, our fragmentation facilities are certified according to ISO 14001.


From small to large

As municipalities, companies and private individuals become more aware of the possibility of recycling materials, scrap is handed in to the various branches. Road transport is used to move materials within Sweden, and shipping is used as a raw material for transport.

When transporting on roads, conveyors with Euro6 engines, well-filled containers, co-driving of materials and, as far as possible, return transports are used to minimize empty transports. The above is done to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the air.


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